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There are many ways to donate to the County United Way!

Advancing the common good is less about helping one person at a time and more about changing the systems to help all of us. We are all connected and interdependent. We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, when people are healthy. With your support we can achieve these goals. Please consider United Way in your year end giving plans. Give as generously as you can - a gift to United Way is 100% tax deductible.

County United Way's goal is to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying cause of problems in our communities. Living United means being part of the change. It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future. Remember....If everyone gives a little, no one will have to give a lot!

Payroll Deduction
Donors can make their gift by having their annual pledge deducted from their paycheck. This deduction is spread out in equal increments over the course of the year, so a large gift can be made a little bit at a time.
Consider giving to the United Way through your will or estate.
For more information about giving to the United Way, please contact Robin Vereen, Finance Manager at 301-722-2700 or rvereen@allconet.org.
When giving a charitable contribution please consider the guidelines below:
1.  View your donation as an investment. Any gift to charity should be seen as an investment, and you want to invest in a charity that will make a major impact on its recipients, while also giving you personal satisfaction. An investment approach to a particular group or cause will ensure a more meaningful experience for you.
2. Do your homework. When selecting where to give, it is important to gather all the facts. Conducting thorough research prior to giving will help you separate legitimate charities from frauds, as well as reassure you that your donation is truly helping those who need it most. To avoid fraudulent charities, make sure your chosen charity has met the following criteria: Registered as a charitable organization in the State of Maryland or West Virginia, maintains a 501c3 status with the IRS, files annual state and federal reports including IRS Form 990, has an annual audit prepared and prepares an annual report. All of these documents should be readily available at your request.
3. Track the charity's activities. Check what percentage of the organization's funds go to administrative cost. Guidestar recommends no more that 25% of the gross income of an organization go to administration.  
4. Local Activities. Think about keeping your gifts local. While every community has similar problems, the issues are not always the same. Gifts to local organizations help local residents and deal with local problems.